Oops.. Hello World !!

I am a simple, friendly and a fun loving guy who has an inquisitive mind and like to discover and experince new things . I enjoy learning about human psychology and spirituality . I also love to travel and discover new places, and meet new people.

Here is the link to my Resume.


  • Algorithms and Coding
    I love solving algorithmic challenges. I have been coding for the past 7 years in different languages like Python, Java, C and C++, and have worked on major coding projects.
  • Machine Learning
    I find this field quite interesting and have taken advanced courses and done challenging projects. I feel there is a lot of scope for research and innovation in the field of ML.
  • Spirituality and Philosophy
    I find spirituality very intriguing.I feel learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miraclous process begins.
  • Open Source Contribution
    I love contributing to open source community. I have been contributing voluntarily to Voluptuous, which is a data validation library in Python.
  • Music
    I can listen to music 24x7 (Yes, I listen to songs while I am sleeping too). I play guitar and like singing but people don't like me singing :P Anyways if you have an amazing playlist or some music recommendation, ping me.
  • Volunteering
    I believe in Bhagavad Gita quote regarding Karma and feel that our Karma is to increase the overall happiness of the universe. To accomplish that, I volunteer for Teach For India.


Pricing Engine

Developed Pricing Engine. Pricing Engine enables Vyom to present best route price for transporters and supply side to ensure better return load efficiencies and more business for fleet owners/brokers using machine learning models.

Library Suggestion Engine

Developed Library Suggestion Engine (Patent Granted), a product which analyses code and yield library substitution opportunities. Granted patent for the work.

Word Sense Disambiguation

Worked on designing and implementing a framework for disambiguating the words and quantifying how good they performed on labelled corpus.